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West LA College Classes at VHS

Spring 2024 West LA College Courses offered at Venice High School
Real Estate 003/007 (6 units, CSU transferable): Real Estate Practices / Real Estate Finance I
These courses will be offered together during first period in Spring 2024. 
In addition to taking Real Estate 001, taking the three courses earns the student a Real Estate Salesperson Certificate of Achievement. This certificate is designed to provide students with the required competencies for a career in residential and commercial real estate. This certificate meets the legislatively-mandated education requirements for the DRE Real Estate Salesperson license exam. 
More info at this link.
Course Descriptions: 
Real Estate 003: Real Estate Practices - This course covers the day-to-day activities of the real estate brokerage business from the viewpoint of both the owner and the sales staff. It gives practical training in such topics as time management, human relations, client psychology, financing, leasing, appraising and property management. The course is required for those seeking the California salesperson and broker's license.
Real Estate 007: Real Estate Finance I - Forms and sources of financing property, construction and permanent financing are studied. The procedures for FHA, Cal Vet and VA financing, mortgage capital from savings and loan associations, commercial banks, insurance companies and other sources, junior mortgages, appraising for mortgages, loan ratios and leaseholds are also covered. 

Philosophy 028 (3 units, UC/CSU transferable): Environmental Ethics, Link to Flyer
This course will be offered first period in Spring 2024. This is one of three courses required for the Climate Change Studies Certificate of Achievement. 
Course Description: Relationship between human beings and the wilderness; human obligations to environmental systems. Study of "traditional" normative theories of ethics, morality, and rights, as applied to issues involving animals and other species. Critical examination of environmental ethical theories. Consideration of the value and moral status of the environment (animals, plants, ecosystems). 
Communications 104 (3 units, UC/CSU transferable): Argumentation and Debate
This course will be offered sixth period in Spring 2024. 
Course Description: This course is an introduction to critical thinking and seeks to explore the various steps in the critical thinking process. Emphasis is placed on both how and why we make decisions as we do. Topics covered include claims, logic, definitions, evidence, reasoning, fallacies and persuasion. 
Health 011 (3 units, UC/CSU transferrable): Principles of Healthful Living
This course will be offered online, asynchronously (no Zoom meetings) in Spring 2024. This course satisfies the LAUSD Health high school graduation requirement.
Course Description: This course is recommended for students entering the teaching profession, or in preparation for health care professions such as nursing, medicine, physical therapy, dentistry, and areas in biological sciences. This course develops health knowledge and values with the goal of promoting a high quality of life for each individual. Areas of focus include nutrition, physical fitness, communicable diseases and other major health problems, consumer and environmental health, human sexuality and family life, mental and emotional health, tobacco, alcohol and drugs, aging, death and dying. 
Sociology 002 (3 units, UC/CSU transferable): American Social Problems
This course will be offered online, asynchronously (no Zoom meetings) in Spring 2024. 
This course satisfies the third course in the Climate Change Studies Certificate pathway. Learn more at this link.
Course Description: This course is an introduction to the causes, consequences, solutions and changing definitions of social problems. Examples of problems discussed are poverty, race relations, sexism, crime, drugs, environmental issues, and population problems. Identification and analysis of contemporary American social problems including: (1) the role of power and ideology in the definition of social problems, (2) their causes and consequences, (3) evaluations of proposed solutions, and (4) methods of intervention. Topics will vary.

Enrollment Process
There are three steps to enroll in a college course. 
  1. Apply to West LA College
        a. Link to step-by-step slides with instructions to apply
        b. Link to step-by-step pdf with instructions to apply
  1. Submit a K-12 Dynamic Form, Link to Instructions
a. In order to complete this step, you need your West LA ID number. It may take a few days to get your West LA ID number after you apply (step 1). Your West LA ID number typically starts with a 900.
b. For counselor, put Jamie Simon-Meyer [email protected]
c. The term is Spring 2024
d. For the course, use the course number and units from the list above. Add any courses that you think you may want to take. This doesn't mean you are going to take all of them, but the system will have you pre-approved for any course. 
e. The counselor will not receive your form to sign until your parent has signed and submitted the K-12 form. 
  1. Enroll in the course
        a. Once your K-12 form is approved (from step 2), you will be cleared to enroll. 
        b. You will be emailed instruction to enroll with the specific section number.
        c. You will need to log in to your LACC Student Portal to enroll. Instructions to access your student portal are linked here.