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Code of Conduct

For Students
While we are all using the online learning format for school, it is important for students to be familiar with digital citizenry. Here is a link to the district's website so that you all can understand what it means to be a good digital citizen in and out of school: Click here.
Who are you on Social Media? 
Hate Speech Online
Hate Speech Online
Code of Conduct
A Person of Character means that you do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. All students are expected to behave in a manner that is acceptable to everyone concerned – other students, teachers, administrators, and the school community. All students are under the authority of all school personnel – the principal, assistant principals, teachers, and classified staff – at all times.
Students are expected to:
  • Show respect and consideration for others and their property.
  • Be on time, prepared, and actively involved in learning.
  • Practice self-disciplined, safe, respectful, and responsible behavior.
  • Take initiative to solve problems in a positive way.
A positive attitude and productive behavior are expected of all students so that teachers can teach and all students can learn. Our goal is to help students achieve full academic and social potential.
Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken when students violate classroom or school rules. In an effort to prevent further misbehavior, parental contact will be made immediately.
  • Students are expected to act appropriately and use appropriate language at all times.
  • Students should bring to school only those materials necessary for instructional purposes. No permanent markers are allowed at school.
  • Students must have their teacher’s permission and a signed agenda-planner hall pass to leave the classroom.
  • Students must walk, not run, in halls, classrooms and eating areas. Noise should be kept to a minimum.
  • Students must not vandalize, damage, or steal school or private property.
  • Students will refrain from public displays of affection.
  • Students are not to chew gum at school.
  • Students are not to ride skateboards on campus. Once you arrive on campus, either put the skateboard in your locker, Dean's office, or a teacher that will allow you to store them in their classroom. Teachers are not responsible for stolen skateboards.